Master of Fitting Many Things in Little Spaces

If you travel, you pack. If you are moving from place to place, you pack. If you pack, you’re always going to be concerned about space. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you are always going to find that no matter how big the suitcase or the box, you need more space.


Needing more space is a problem in more ways than one.


A lack of room means that you have to give something up when you pack. You may not know what is and is not necessary, so you fret over what you leave behind.


If you’re running out of space, you also start to worry about how to bring it all with you. There is only so much that you can carry or that they’ll let you check-in on a flight.


Squeezing every bit of space out of any container or luggage is, therefore, a critical skill. As the grand poobah of packing and saving space, here’s what I’d consider being basic but easily missed advice on how to pack better and maximise what’s available.


Roll, don’t fold. Tightly-rolled clothing takes up less space than folded ones. As an added benefit, you are also less likely to crease them.


Pack ahead of time. This is true whether you’re flying to China or moving house. Pack early, bit by bit. Only leave behind the stuff you use daily, like toiletries or chargers for electronics.


If you are packing glasses or mugs, stuff your socks in them. This provides protection from breaking and saves space that the socks would otherwise take up. Do the same for bottles or other breakables. If you don’t have enough socks, use gloves or underwear.


Dual-purpose items are excellent for travel. Use blankets that can be folded into pillows or pants that can be converted into shorts.


Pack in layers. Neat layers save a lot of space. As a bonus, if they need to fly, layering makes it easier for security personnel to screen the contents.


If you are moving house, see if you can get a crew like to help. You can ask them to move bulkier or more fragile items ahead of time, for example.


Finally, use and abuse what technology can offer. Compression sacks are a good way to add even more space, simply by vacuum—packing clothes or other small items. If you’re travelling, get digital maps and guidebooks instead of the bulkier print ones.


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Mastering Your Own Car

It can so easy to buy a vehicle these days. And it’s quite easy to learn how to drive. However, it’s more difficult to understand what makes your car or truck work, let by itself know how to maintain it in tip-top shape. Of course you can call to help you out but you have to me a master of your own car first. By no means fear–we’re here to help you feel a smart, informed driver while travelling. Right here are ten basic things every car owner should retain in mind:


Car Engine Petrol

Many people feel that oil is there to help your car or truck burn energy when actually it’s there to lubricate, cool, and clean your engine. Therefore what this means is the fact if there is not enough olive oil, then three things will happen to your car: thermal degradation (lacquer and carbonaceous deposits), oxidation (varnish and sludge), and compressive heating (soot and tar. These things will put in in your engine, creating friction in parts where oil would normally movement. Once this happens, the oil will commence to do opposite of what it was designed to do. This now create friction and heat to the engine, cylinder walls, bearings, wedding rings, and etc., which and creates even more build up that will lead to a dirtier engine.


Extra Tire

Your spare tire’s not designed to add frivolous decor to your car; it’s there in case you get a set tire. So make sure you become acquainted with where it is (including your jack and other tools) so you don’t have to look for it when you need to change your tire. Give up tires are usually inside the trunk or a trunk area panel, but others are put elsewhere, depending on vehicle model.


It is also good to check if the save is inflated before you utilize your car. The previous thing you need is to fix your toned tire and realize that your spare is as flat as a hot cake as well.


Is in reality easy to change a wheel; what does require more effort is managing the complete weight of your vehicle while doing the tyre change. Fortunately, your jack port will do almost all of the heavy lifting for you, although it will take a few tries to get used to it, at first.


Windshield Wiper Blades

Have you ever motivated in the rain with your windshield wipers not working? Not just what you call a most nice experience, isn’t it? These kinds of wipers are a requirement that numerous people tend to overlook–only to comprehend how important they are once they’re in a tight meltdown. If you would like to keep your windshield wipers performing at their best, make sure their blades are well positioned. Generally, you should replace them every six a few months, although it’s best to check with your car’s manual first.


Vehicle Essential fluids

Another basic component that many car owner should take in mind is car fluids. If you want to take care of car running efficiently, make sure you check them regularly. It’s something you can do easily, so no excuses here.


Tire Pressure

You might think tire pressure is very not a huge deal, but you’re so mistaken. It’s actually one of the main safety features on your car. Below is why: when tire pressure is low, its surface touches almost all of the earth and can cause chaffing involving the road and the tire. When this happens, your tires give up fast. It can also heat up and might lead to take separation, which is an accident waiting to happen.


Conversely, too much air is not good either. It causes less tyre surface to touch the floor, so that it is a bumpier trip for everyone. It also causes less traction, triggering stopping distances to undergo. Consequently, it can business lead you to misjudge an area when slamming your car brakes.


Obviously, if you’re going to make an error here, really better to have too much pressure rather than a reduced one. But if you need these to perform at their best as well as their longest life, use the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle.


Headlights and Taillights

Car headlights and taillights go dimmer as time goes by, so inspect them from time to time. Examining them is more than safe preventive measure. That gives you ways to avoid getting pulled over by the cops. Generally, is actually recommended to change car headlights yearly.

Photoshop Secrets


Adobe’s Photoshop has been the premier software for tinkering with photos for years now. Experts point out it isn’t designed for that purpose, but it is an everyday use for it. Photoshop is more than just photo editing, though. It can be utilised for other tasks, including web design.

However, the flexibility and utility of the program mean it is complex. Just looking at the interface alone is enough to tell you a lot is going on under the hood. The functions all have their purposes and options to tweak, adding to the depth.

Mastering Photoshop is a long process. There are many rewards, not the least of which is the ability to tinker with family photos almost at-will.

Today, let me show you some of the functions of the software that most people miss out on. They aren’t readily apparent but can be powerful tools or just ways to make things flow more smoothly.

One feature is “Paste in Place.” By using this instead of regular pasting, you can copy the element in the exact position in the document as the original. This is a great tool and one that you’ll end up using a lot, especially if you’re combining elements together.

Another feature most people do not realise exists is viewing the visibility history of layers.

Layers are one of the most powerful functions in Photoshop and are key to most of the things that people do with the software. However, a lot of people tend to lose their layer visibility settings when they preview them individually.

You can tick a setting in the History Panel to enable a way around that. You can turn on a history state for layer visibility, allowing you to see the changes you made to that particular function in the history of your work.

Did you know Photoshop lets you merge vector shapes? It does. For those of you who delve into graphic design, this feature is a godsend.

Everyone knows you can change the size of brushes in Photoshop. Did you know you can modify the hardness too? This can affect how you do things if you’re doing digital artwork or making certain types of edits. Just hold down Shift while adjusting the size to alter how hard the brush is.

You can also do this from the brush panel, but a shortcut is much easier.

Did you know you can change the measuring units in Photoshop? This is a great feature if you need to work in specific sizes and don’t want to deal with inches and feet. Or centimetres and the like, if you’re the type that prefers inches and feet.

A new feature for those working on website or document designs is Paste Lorem Ipsum. The generic placeholder text we’ve all seen before can be pasted in with a simple menu command. This is great if you are working on a site or document and don’t have the actual content handy to judge the look.

These tips can get you started on your way to master Photoshop.

Becoming a Master Gutter Cleaner

If we are talking about being masters of anything, I think being a master of your own home is the top priority. Mostly because for people who have families, this means ensuring you have a safe home and saving a little cash.

While I still believe that calling an expert over to check on your house is the best course of action, it won’t hurt to learn a little bit of plumbing and other handyman skills to fix the small problems. Part of learning on how to be a handyman is recognizing the stuff you can do and the stuff you can’t.

So what’s something that you can be a master of that will probably be helpful?

How about gutter cleaning?

I guess you might be laughing now but please hear me out. Gutter cleaning is relatively easy. Although it’s safe to say that you really need to be careful when doing it but the idea is pretty simple. Being a master gutter cleaner is easier than being a master plumber, or master electrician. It’s a nice place to start.

So how do you become a master gutter cleaner? You actually have two options, you can contact and as to become an apprentice or you can sit down for 5 minutes to read what I have to say.

How to Become a Master Gutter Cleaner

Making sure your gutter is clean is a simple responsibility. It’s not something you do on a daily basis and not even on a weekly basis. You check your gutter once a month and clean it up when you feel like it needs a bit of cleaning. Although it sounds like it’s not that important, not getting your gutter cleaned can lead to a number of problems in your house. As a matter of fact, I have come to know of a lot of homes that got pretty dilapidated all thanks to an unkempt gutter.

Here are the things you have to remember when you want to become a master gutter cleaner.

  1. Check your gutters every month. You might need to lean it twice a year but checking them every now and then wont hurt. If your roof is underneath a tree, you might need to clean it more than twice a year.
  2. Get a sturdy ladder. I can’t stress this hard enough. A sturdy ladder ensures you can reach your gutter safely. It may cost a bit higher than regular ladders but it will last you a lifetime.
  3. You may want to borrow a leaf blower at times when doing the gutter cleaning. This is when you have low-sloped roofs where you can easily blow the leaves. Get a pair of goggles and a dust mask if you are going to do this.
  4. Remember that your roof is always your enemy. Don’t work on your roof unless it is perfectly safe. Don’t use the roof when it’s wet, icy, or windy outside. Use a ladder.
  5. Get a pair of heavy work gloves to protect your hands from whatever is in your gutter (including your gutter!).
  6. Get a plastic scoop to easily remove the gunk that has accumulate at the bottom of your gutter.

Worst Disguises in Film History

In the future, I am planning to make a list of the masters of disguise in cinema. These are the people who have perfected the art of disguise that they can virtually become anybody they want.

But before I make that article, I will first compile the worst disguises in film history. I’m making this all because I really like it when a certain character in a film tries their best in keeping a disguise that they end up becoming conspicuous.

So let’s start the countdown:

5. Roger Moore from Octopussy – Alright, James Bond is supposed to be a super-spy and I like that about the character. He gets to go to different places, meet different women, become a totally different person altogether. But turning him into a clown was totally out there. Well, he was 56 when they made the film so maybe they were just trying hide his age.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love – I don’t mind a bit of crossdressing in the movies if it fits the narrative. In Shakespeare in Love, it was supposed to work. Back in the time of Shakespeare, people cross-dressed even if they didn’t mean it. But Gwyneth’s character turning into Thomas Kent was more fail that win in the disguise department.

3. Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice – What’s better than clown Bond? How about racist Bond? In the movie You Only Live Twice, Bond has to infiltrate an organization as a Japanese man. So what do they do? They gave him slitty eyes and the Spock hair. Hilarious.

2. Angelina Jolie in Salt – If you laughed at Gwyneth’s attempt to become a not-so-manly man in Shakespeare in love, you would probably go bananas over Angelina Jolie trying to look like your regular, please-don’t-notice-me-but-maybe-you-can army officer in Salt. It would have worked if not for the fact that the whole movie was about not getting noticed and she shows up as somebody with an obvious fake double-chin.

1.  Christopher Reeve from Superman – I mean, who else can top the list for worst disguises? This guy slaps on a pair of eyeglasses, removes the gel from his hair and nobody notices him. Is it because in older times nobody really notices the 6-pack abs? Or was it because being clowny was more the disguise than the looks?

Being A Master of Your Life

By the time you finished reading the title, you would’ve probably been put off. No, this is not some sappy post about how you should win back your life. As a matter of fact, this is an article about a discovery I made and I hope the sentiment ring true even to all of you guys.

We all know what this site is all about. Basically, it is a celebration of people who have become very good at what they do. It can be in any form, a sport, a craft, or even something mundane as sleeping. If you are a master of anything, then this is your site.

We get a lot of people visiting the site. We get like minded individuals who are masters in their own rights who want to read more about people like themselves, then we also get people who visit this site for inspiration.

I admit I haven’t been paying attention much to the people who visit the site. I get too busy with looking for stuff to post and ideas to throw at you guys that I forget who I am writing for.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a friend of his. His name is Cameron and he wanted to be an expert bartender. See, Cameron likes to mix drinks according to him. Not only that, he likes to experiment with liquor to see if he can come up with something new. Talking to him, I knew this guy had ideas. But when I asked him if he was bartending at the time, he said a downright sad “no”.

Cameron is stuck in an 8 to 5 and, according to him, has other responsibilities that eat up his day. He barely has time to practice bartending or even mixing drinks. He says the closest thing he has with bartending is when he volunteered to man the open bar at a cousin’s wedding.

So what am I saying here? Well, it’s hard to be a master of anything when you are not a master of your own life. It’s hard to find time to do stuff when you don’t hold your own life. Cameron, for example, is a good guy with great ideas and the right amount of passion. Sadly, he can’t put any of those to good use because he can’t practice the craft he wants to be a master of.

That’s why from now own, I won’t just be writing posts for the successful ones. I will be making posts for the little guys who have little to no time for themselves. I will also be posting a bunch of articles here on how to get time to practice and be better at what you do.

See you then!

The obi wan kenobi of DIY

Mastering home DIY is a challenge. A significant part of what makes it difficult is that how many of us want to spend time at home tinkering with things? There’s also the fact that if you don’t know what you’re doing and mess up, you’re going to have to live with the results.


Still, there is something satisfying about knowing that if something breaks, you know how to fix it. Even if you can’t, there’s some comfort in understanding when a job truly requires a professional.


Though, in my case, the thing that was hardest for me to get was how there were so many little things I didn’t understand. Some things are obvious, but there are other details that aren’t so apparent.


To help others along the path of mastering their home DIY, I’ll be leaving some bits of wisdom here.


Don’t ignore a leaking toilet. That water can not only make your bills go up but also cause permanent damage. There’s also a chance it can wear away at your toilet’s inner workings.


Do you want to know if your toilet has a leak? Put some red food colouring in the tank. If the water in the bowl has turned pink after an hour, there’s a leak. In most cases, that means you need to replace the flapper.


Replacing the flapper is easy. You need to buy the new flapper and shut off the water flow into the toilet. Remove the tank lid and flush the toilet, to empty it of its contents. Remove the flush chain and slide the old flapper off. Slide the new one into place and reconnect everything.


Most of them time, a worn out washer causes a leaky faucet. These pieces of rubber are placed inside the faucet handles, and they wear out quick.


One thing I had to learn the hard way was to check the washing machine for leaks regularly. I didn’t think to do this a lot, mainly because I didn’t think of maintaining it much period. As it turns out, leaky washing machines are a major problem.


You should be checking for leaks on these appliances annually. If they’re made of plastic, a replacement every three years is advisable. If the metal ends of the water lines are rusty, get replacements.


You know, I had a water heater blow up on me once. It wasn’t a big explosion or anything, but it was scary. Ever since then, I’ve been bordering on paranoid in making sure my water heater is well-maintained.


Once a year, drain the water tank of the heater. While the tank drained, do a little cleaning. The sediment may not look like much, but it does damage if you leave it alone.


Oils, fats, and other things accumulate and form what sewage personnel call “fatbergs.” These are the main causes for clogs because they’re poured down drains and can sometimes turn solid in the pipes. To avoid them clustering together, pour hot water down the drain along with some dishwashing liquid.


The soap helps break down the fats and oils, while the water keeps it moving.


Do you have a bathtub? They’re awesome for relaxation. Just be sure to put a hair strainer in the drain, because hair clogging that is a headache.

Did you know soft drinks – particularly Coca-Cola – can do just as good a job of eating through a clog as drain cleaner can?


Listerine is also remarkably useful when you need to clean stains off the floor. Just be sure not to use it on sensitive materials, like marble or some types of wood. This use makes perfect sense since Listerine used to be used as a floor cleaner before they started selling it as a mouth wash.


Of course, if you don’t want to risk something in your home, you don’t need to pretend to be a master. Hiring professionals, like, can be a good idea if you’re still climbing the path to home DIY mastery, my young grasshopper.



Why A Motorcycle is Better than Drugs

Drugs rot the body and head. But, people utilize them for grounds. You are got by them high, they eliminate your worries and they are, well, addictive. So can be bikes. If you are heading to take up an obsession, it could as well be that one. Listed below are 8 explanations why motorcycles will be the best drug.

1) Motorcycles Are Legal

Need to get into motorcycling? Just walk the right path right down to the DMV, obtain a learner’s permit and join a class. A couple weeks later, you will be handed a certificate and getting the jollies in a legally-sanctioned manner. All 50 says permit the recreational use of motorcycles and you will even take yours over the boundary to Canada.

2) Motorcycles Are Safe

The high you have from motorcycles is not proven to clog your arteries conclusively, impair the human brain function, turn off your heart and soul or collapse your septum.

But, it’s one of the very most statistically dangerous things an individual can do in this modern day. An eternity of motorcycle mistreatment has remaining me with steel body parts, thousands of us dollars in medical expenses, calendar months of pain, significant scarring and everlasting hearing damage. But, the sensation you get from conquering that threat is also an integral part of why is traveling beneficial.


Leather coat? Check. Dirty denims? Check. Confident swagger? Check. Devil-may-care frame of mind? Check. There’s grounds bikers are one of the very most iconic images of the American men in his best — women dig us. Will you be a female? Can you ride bikes? MAY I have your amount?

4) Motorcycles CAUSE YOU TO Confident

Somehow, using only your wits to get over danger has a means of earning more mundane problems just like a difficult job, a crazy employer or stunning up talk with a fairly female just pale compared. How many other people consider intimidating, we scoff at simply.

5) Motorcycles INCLUDE Friends

Will there be any family more closely-knit, as welcoming immediately, as endearingly uncomfortable or as prepared to help you its customers than that of the biker? I understand there’s not the one that consists of more spooning.

6) Motorcycles Expand Your Consciousness

The sights the thing is that can be more intense. Characteristics isn’t simply a vague principle, it’s something we feel and smell then one which in turn causes us both powerful pain and strong pleasure. And in a genuine way outsiders won’t reach experience. Motorcycles change your perspective on life, they expand your horizons plus they alter just how your brain is wired.

7) Motorcycles CAUSE YOU TO Ignore Your Problems

Bad trip to the working office? Girlfriend dump you? Will there be any longer life-affirming experience than expecting on your bicycle and taking a drive just? You are made by them give attention to nothing but the ride and, by enough time you’re done, those problems just don’t seem to be so big anymore.

8) Motorcycles Justify Their Cost
Drugs? Money down the drain. But a motorcycle? It’ll likely run you less to buy and own when compared to a uninteresting old car. You’ll spend less on the price, you’ll cut costs on gas and you will never remain in traffic or purchase parking again so long as you live. Heck, today and use the proceeds to invest in a whole yr of operating you can likely sell your vehicle, a choice that will improve your daily life.

Back on the bike

To those of you who saw a previous post on Masterief, about motorcycles and moto trials, I write this post to share about being back on the bike in competition for the first time in 4 months.

After fracturing my wrist at the end of May/beginning of June I have had several months off and away from the bike whilst I repaired and recovered from my incident.

With a beautiful Sunny day ahead of me and the bike beginning to become dusty, I decided that the wait was over and it was time to get back to it. I must say that I was very surprised by how well I rode, despite the nerves and shakes that I possessed (fortunately to not last long)

The sections were at a great level of difficulty that challenged you but did not pose to be risky and dangerous. Despite several months off the bike, my riding ability had not really diminished, and why is that?… because I am a master of trials.

I do not say that in a way of bragging, I saw it in a way of true statement. I have spent the last 5 years riding relentlessly, always practicing and improving. So though 4 months may seem like a long time, in reality, because of my ability and my ability to bounce back quickly I had a great ride on the bike

Master of Transformation

Master of transformation. Transformation definition is a change in form or nature. To be a master of transformation is to have strong power, will, action and much more. Transformers change to create and make things better.
My girlfriend is a master of transformation. She can shift and move and lift people from downs, from ways of being and much more. Transforming is no easy feat and being a master takes a lot of practice.

But once you have the skills to transform people and things you just rocked the stuff out of everything.