Master Cleaner

Sticking to the topic of domestic chores, how about we go to next about bein the master if cleaning. Some people have it, and others just don’t. Most people in this world are masters of making a mess and no so much at cleaning it. However, it is an a valuable skill set to have to make things so ever clean and dreamy.

In my household it is my mother; she is a neat freak. At times, it can be a pain, but you should see our house. It is always so clean, so fresh and so well presented.  I have been fortunate enough that she ha passed on her tricks of the trade and desire fo things to be neat and tidy and clean.

It does make a difference was not living in a dump and having yourself surrounded with clutter and grime.

However, there is obviously specializations and mastery when it comes to cleaning specifics. For example, the air-conditioner, or the windows, perhaps car cleaning or something else specific that certain people specialized and have a business in.

It is here where people develop the necessary knowledge, possess the right equipment and produce outstanding results.  In the event of our windows, we have a window cleaning guy to clean our windows for us. He does an excellent job; one is much better than we are capable of. If you in are in Perth their website is

When the windows get dirty, we know who to call. It advantages both parties; they receive business, we receive clean windows and save time doing them ourselves and focus solely on what we are good at and capable of cleaning.

The more you practice though, just like anything the better you get at it.


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