Being A Master of Your Life

By the time you finished reading the title, you would’ve probably been put off. No, this is not some sappy post about how you should win back your life. As a matter of fact, this is an article about a discovery I made and I hope the sentiment ring true even to all of you guys.

We all know what this site is all about. Basically, it is a celebration of people who have become very good at what they do. It can be in any form, a sport, a craft, or even something mundane as sleeping. If you are a master of anything, then this is your site.

We get a lot of people visiting the site. We get like minded individuals who are masters in their own rights who want to read more about people like themselves, then we also get people who visit this site for inspiration.

I admit I haven’t been paying attention much to the people who visit the site. I get too busy with looking for stuff to post and ideas to throw at you guys that I forget who I am writing for.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a friend of his. His name is Cameron and he wanted to be an expert bartender. See, Cameron likes to mix drinks according to him. Not only that, he likes to experiment with liquor to see if he can come up with something new. Talking to him, I knew this guy had ideas. But when I asked him if he was bartending at the time, he said a downright sad “no”.

Cameron is stuck in an 8 to 5 and, according to him, has other responsibilities that eat up his day. He barely has time to practice bartending or even mixing drinks. He says the closest thing he has with bartending is when he volunteered to man the open bar at a cousin’s wedding.

So what am I saying here? Well, it’s hard to be a master of anything when you are not a master of your own life. It’s hard to find time to do stuff when you don’t hold your own life. Cameron, for example, is a good guy with great ideas and the right amount of passion. Sadly, he can’t put any of those to good use because he can’t practice the craft he wants to be a master of.

That’s why from now own, I won’t just be writing posts for the successful ones. I will be making posts for the little guys who have little to no time for themselves. I will also be posting a bunch of articles here on how to get time to practice and be better at what you do.

See you then!


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