Becoming a Master Gutter Cleaner

If we are talking about being masters of anything, I think being a master of your own home is the top priority. Mostly because for people who have families, this means ensuring you have a safe home and saving a little cash.

While I still believe that calling an expert over to check on your house is the best course of action, it won’t hurt to learn a little bit of plumbing and other handyman skills to fix the small problems. Part of learning on how to be a handyman is recognizing the stuff you can do and the stuff you can’t.

So what’s something that you can be a master of that will probably be helpful?

How about gutter cleaning?

I guess you might be laughing now but please hear me out. Gutter cleaning is relatively easy. Although it’s safe to say that you really need to be careful when doing it but the idea is pretty simple. Being a master gutter cleaner is easier than being a master plumber, or master electrician. It’s a nice place to start.

So how do you become a master gutter cleaner? You actually have two options, you can contact and as to become an apprentice or you can sit down for 5 minutes to read what I have to say.

How to Become a Master Gutter Cleaner

Making sure your gutter is clean is a simple responsibility. It’s not something you do on a daily basis and not even on a weekly basis. You check your gutter once a month and clean it up when you feel like it needs a bit of cleaning. Although it sounds like it’s not that important, not getting your gutter cleaned can lead to a number of problems in your house. As a matter of fact, I have come to know of a lot of homes that got pretty dilapidated all thanks to an unkempt gutter.

Here are the things you have to remember when you want to become a master gutter cleaner.

  1. Check your gutters every month. You might need to lean it twice a year but checking them every now and then wont hurt. If your roof is underneath a tree, you might need to clean it more than twice a year.
  2. Get a sturdy ladder. I can’t stress this hard enough. A sturdy ladder ensures you can reach your gutter safely. It may cost a bit higher than regular ladders but it will last you a lifetime.
  3. You may want to borrow a leaf blower at times when doing the gutter cleaning. This is when you have low-sloped roofs where you can easily blow the leaves. Get a pair of goggles and a dust mask if you are going to do this.
  4. Remember that your roof is always your enemy. Don’t work on your roof unless it is perfectly safe. Don’t use the roof when it’s wet, icy, or windy outside. Use a ladder.
  5. Get a pair of heavy work gloves to protect your hands from whatever is in your gutter (including your gutter!).
  6. Get a plastic scoop to easily remove the gunk that has accumulate at the bottom of your gutter.


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