About Masterief

So my name is Dwayne.

I have an interest in the mastery of things. Mastery: “comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.”

It takes me by interest by what it takes to become a master of a particular subject or activity, and then with that mastery, the types of results that are then produced. In addition to this, you can then look at what specific techniques/things have been developed along the way of possessing that knowledge and skill and how it is applied to produce such a quality result.

For myself, my mastery is motorcycles, and more specifically Moto Trials. I have developed the Mastery of my skills through practice and time spent on the bike. By developing and working on specific motorcycle handling techniques I have established a well-equipped arsenal of ability that allows me to project myself up large rocks and logs and finish over them without putting my feet down or falling off.

So what is it you are a master at? or who do you know is a master of something? Stay tuned with me here whilst I run through some of the things of mastery apparent in my life and those surrounding me.



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